Dong Thap: Farming red tilapia under GlobalGapa

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Dong Thap province’s Agriculture Extension Centre is introducing the farming model of red tilapia under GlobalGap standard for 20 households who own over 50 farming cages..

Local farmers are guided the farming techniques of red tilapia under GlobalGap by the Center. The Center focuses on introducing farmers the position for locating farming rafts, the quality of water source, seed selecting, how to feed and prevent diseases on fish and know drugs and chemicals banned in farming in order to ensure food safety and hygiene and meet high-quality products for consumers.

HungHau Agricultural News
Vietnamese red tilapia HungHau Agricultural

Cao Lanh district has over 600 red tilapia farming cages owned by 280 household farmers, mainly located in Binh Thanh commune. The region supplies 30 thousand MT to the market per annum.