Job title: Sales Specialist/Sales Executive (Seafood & VAT)

I. Job title: Sales Specialist/Sales Executive (Seafood & VAT)

II. Job Purpose:

Do sales performance to achieve assigned sales revenue targets.

III. Responsibilities and Authoirty to Solve work:

  • Transactions with foreign customers: Consulting and answering all of customers and partners’ inquiries related to the Company’s business and sales activities; promptly solved customer’s complaints to relevant responsible units;
  • Looking for new foreign customers to introduce the Company’s products and expand consumer markets.
  • Customer care: build data profiles and relationships with customers; ensure assigned sales goals and tasks.
  • Prepare sales contracts and production reports; Monitor and urge production to meet order schedule.
  • Update knowledge about Agricultural Products, Food, Food Safety and Hygiene, and industry regulations to serve your work.
  • Store/secure documents & records according to the company’s regulations.
  • Responsibility for preserving the Company’s assets & brand.
  • Perform & report sales activities to the Sales Manager/ Sales Director periodically or upon request.
  • Perform other tasks as requested by Sales Manager/ Sales Director.

IV. Standard Requirements

  1. Education level
    Graduated from College or higher in related majors.
  2. Foreign language skills
    Fluent in English.
  3. Computer skills
    Proficient in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet.
  4. Work experience
    Over 2 year in a similar position.
  5. Specialized proficiency
  • Understanding of Agricultural and Food products ( pangasius/ basa, vanamei shrimp, value added products…
  • Quick-witted to the market, understanding customer psychology and needs.
  1. General proficiency
  • Experienced in business and marketing;
  • Ability to persuade customers, analyze and be astute to market opportunities;
  • Has good communication skills;
  • Ability to control working progress at high working pressure.
  1. Personal qualities
  • Diligence, carefulness, truthful and information privacy.
  • High sense of responsibility, long-term commitment;
  • Know how to respect and behave properly with colleagues;
  • Put the Company’s interests first.
  1. Age, gender
    Male/female, 22-year-old and above, good-looking appearance, good health.

V. Contact:

– Office Hung Hau Agricultural

  • 642 Au Co Street, Ward 10, Tân Bình District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Mr. Tinh – Tel: 0928 412 248   I   Mail:

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