Chinese shrimp imports from Ecuador steaming ahead

Although Ecuador maintains its dominant market share, there were positives for exporters in India, Vietnam and Peru in the opening seven months of 2022.

Chinese shrimp imports rose 37 percent by volume year over year in the opening seven months of 2022 to 429,354 metric tons (946 million pounds), according to latest figures published by Ecuador’s Camara Nacional de Acuacultura (CNA) trade association.

The value of those imports climbed 58 percent to $2.79 billion (€2.8 billion).

Since 2020, the first year of the global COVID-19 pandemic, seven-monthly shrimp imports into China are up more than 8 percent.

The value of those imports since 2020 increased 22 percent.

PD Vannamei Shrimp Hung Hau

Ecuador maintains its dominant position in the Chinese market with a two-thirds share and a 44 percent increase in shipments to the Asian powerhouse nation from January to June.

Consignments from Vietnam climbed 169 percent, albeit from a vastly lower base point, while shipments to India were up 5 percent.

Also among the smaller exporters to China Peruvian producers saw their shipments rise 29 percent, something they will hope to use as a launchpad for bigger things.