Company trip of Sales Development Department

HungHau Agricultural Event

In the first half of 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the economy in general as well as the development situation of Hung Hau Agricultural Joint Stock Company in particular. However, thanks to the efforts and perseverance of the Sales Development Department, it has achieved many high achievements. In particular, Sales revenue in June have tripled compared to the beginning months of 2020. This achievement marks the spectacular return of the company, confirming its sustainable development. The 2-day-1-night tour is a reward for the ongoing effort for all members of the Sales Development Department.

The trip was organized by Mekong Heritage Company, also a member of Hung Hau. With more than 10 years of seniority in the profession, MeKong has brought an extremely comfortable, fun and relaxing vacation after stressful and stressful days.

Our destination this time is the coastal city of Vung Tau which is one of the famous tourist destinations when it comes to the sea. Vung Tau attracts a large number of tourists from the city in the weekend. We started departing for Vung Tau. We visit tourist sites such as Maria Marina – Go Gang Island, Suoi Nghe Sheep Hill. We are immersed with the waves and enjoy many delicious dishes of Vung Tau City.

HungHau Agricultural Event
Company trip of Sales Development Department HungHau Agricultural Event

After this short trip, the team affection was attached and understood each other better. And us, the sales development team will have to try harder, make more efforts, change ourselves more completely to contribute to the development of the company in the future as well as affirm the trust for the business development department like the slogan “Trust your choices”. Unite to create the sustainable development of Hung Hau Agricultural Joint Stock Company.