ĐBSCL: Price of shrimp material slump, farmers empty ponds

The price of shrimp material declined sharply in the Mekong Delta, nearly hitting the bottom, making shrimp farmers suffer from serious losses.

On June 12, Kiên Giang province saw the price of black tiger shrimp decline 30,000-40,000 dong/kg as compared to previous month. Particularly, traders offered 250,000 dong/kg for black tiger shrimp size 20-30 pcs/kg, about 40,000 dong/kg lower than last month. Meanwhile, once 130,000-135,000 dong/kg, the price of black tiger shrimp fell to 95,000 dong/kg.

White leg shrimp size 100 pcs/kg were sold at 66,000-70,000 dong/kg, down about 20,000 dong/kg. White leg shrimp size 50-60 pcs/kg were sold at 73,000 dong, down 30,000 dong/kg. White leg shrimp size 70-80 pcs/kg were sold at 70,000 dong/kg, down 25,000 dong/kg.

Likewise, the price of white leg shrimp in Cà Mau, Bạc Liêu, and Sóc Trăng stayed low, down about 40% from earlier this year. Trần Văn Việt, Director of the Thành Công industrial shrimp culture cooperative (in Tân Dân commune of Đầm Dơi district, Cà Mau province) said: “Despite the slump in shrimp prices, feed prices still stay high, thus shrimp farmers are suffering from serious losses. If this situation prolongs, farmers will empty their ponds”.

According to VASEP, the consecutive slump in prices of black tiger shrimp and white leg shrimps was due to a sharp decline in exports and huge inventories amidst no new orders and the fact that companies related to processing shrimp for export purpose just bought a certain number of shrimp materials.

(Source: https://vietfishmagazine.com/)