Hung Hau Agricultural Corporation prevents harm of diseases by Virut Corona

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In the context of the acute cough-like disease caused by a new strain of the Corona virus, it is complicated with a global scale, and is highly likely to spread. The whole plant and office of Hung Hau Agriculture Corporation has taken seriously the prevention of acute respiratory infections caused by Corona virus with measures such as:

– Wear a mask during work to avoid spreading, protect yourself and your colleagues.

– Temporarily stop using fingerprinting device and limit participation in festivals and crowded places.

– Wash and replace regularly with soap and disinfectant solution

– When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve and wash immediately after sneezing.

– Do not spit indiscriminately in public.

– Responsibility for contact with domestic and wild animals

In addition, because the factory often has to receive many customers at the factory, it is recommended that all workers, factory employees and customers before entering the factory must perform the following steps:

– Must be checked for temperature before entering the company.

– Must declare health status

– Must wear a mask before entering the factory

HungHau Agricultural News
Vietnam prevent Covid-19 spread HungHau Agricultural
HungHau Agricultural News
Wear a mask during work to avoid spreading, protect yourself and your colleagues HungHau Agricultural
HungHau Agricultural News
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In the context of scarcity of medical masks today, we can use regular cloth masks, or antibacterial gauze masks instead, but must ensure fit and should regularly wash with antibacterial soap to ensure protect your health as well as prevent the spread of infection from others. If using ordinary homemade paper towels as some online instructions, the air permeability and durability of the material are not guaranteed, not to mention the type of paper used is guaranteed to be clean or hygienic. But in areas with high exposure to germs such as crowds, wear a medical mask.

In addition, the most effective health protection measures, especially during the epidemic season, is that we need to improve our resistance through a proper diet such as: complete supplement of the nutritional groups in Daily meals, eating lots of fruits and vegetables along with drinking more than 1.5 liters of water in a day. At the same time keeping personal hygiene, hygiene of the environment, eating and drinking boiled water and exercise regularly to have a perfect health.