More aquaculture establishments allowed to export to markets

An additional 99 aquaculture establishments were licensed to export to the Republic of Korea (RoK), the European Union, China, the US and Russia in 2023, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s National Authority for Agro-Forestry-Fishery Quality, Processing and Market Development (NAFIQPM).

Specifically, 38 more establishments are allowed to ship aquatic products to the RoK, raising the total number of exporters to this market to 786. The figures are 13 and 524 for the EU market, 45 and 585 for China, one and 26 for the US, and two and 83 for the Russian market.

In addition, 6,997 growing areas and 1,613 packaging establishments were granted export codes.

Pangasius Shrimp HungHau export Vietnam

Meanwhile, more products have gained access to certain markets, such as durian and bird’s nest to China, pomelo and fresh coconut to the US.

Last year, Vietnam earned 53.01 billion USD from shipping agro-forestry-aquatic products abroad./.


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