Morning Coffee News: March 23, 2024

Amid the global picture of the agricultural industry, the coffee market had an unstable week but was still basically positive in price when Robusta coffee became the focus of attention. Global inventories are not only low but also show signs of not being very optimistic, causing concern for the entire coffee industry and traders participating in the market.

No one can be sure whether prices will peak or decline in the future, but one thing is clear: the fluctuations in the Robusta coffee market over the past week and months are not just a simple economic event. pure…

It is a story about the survival of many geographies, producers, and coffee business groups, about human adaptation and bravery in the face of challenges posed by nature and the market.

Amid these fluctuations, the Robusta coffee market is still quietly traded in the market, with both participants like a new beginning and farmers and industrialists waiting for the promise of bumper seasons ahead. .

Although global inventories are alarmingly low, some traders are hoping that Brazil, which has a harvest in July, will have a potential supply that can meet global demand.

Meeting demand is not limited to increasing production. Brazil is also facing risks from price fluctuations in the world market, as well as challenges in maintaining sustainability.

Brazil is taking measures to minimize the environmental and social impacts of coffee production, but it is not avoiding climate risks ahead of the crop and providing conditions for members to stabilize production ahead of the crop. Volatility and instability are gradually existing as they increase.

In short, while the Robusta coffee market is still witnessing turbulence, Brazil is making efforts to cement its position as a key supplier in the international market. In two large coffee-producing countries—Brazil and Vietnam—we need to try to affirm our role as a major producer in ensuring the sustainable development of the coffee industry.

Source: Tincaphe Editorial Board

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