Pangasius businesses have seen the opportunity from the Brazilian market

(Average export price of pangasius fillet to Brazil from January to June 2021)

Difficulties in exporting pangasius to the EU, China – Hong Kong have created Vietnamese pangasius businesses that have to make efforts to promote different potential markets in the first half of this year, including Brazil. As of the first half of July 2021, total export value of pangasius to this market reached $35.5 million, up 86.8% over the same period last year.

Last year, Covid-19 struck like a flash flood in Latin America’s largest economy. However, according to analysis from GlobalData data, one-third of the country’s population is looking to buy nutritious, healthy frozen seafood products such as pangasius. In the first half of 2021, the country’s sales of seafood and frozen foods have increased, especially convenient products that help them reduce processing time or the number of visits to stores and supermarkets.

Currently, Brazilians are willing to pay higher prices for processed or frozen products as long as the quality is good, healthy and rich in energy.

Currently, pangasius processing enterprises are exporting mainly frozen pangasius fillets to Brazil. However, according to a report by GlobalData, the demand for convenient processed products is increasing strongly in this country. In particular, in Brazil’s most populous and richest city, São Paulo, which is considered a leader in the national consumption trend, is looking for convenient, nutritious and healthy frozen or processed seafood products. That is the top priority.

Once one of the regions hardest hit by the COVID-19 epidemic Brazil and the country with the second highest number of COVID-19 deaths after the US, now many cities and state capitals in Brazil miraculously revived thanks to the rapid vaccination campaign. Therefore, this is a good time for pangasius exporters to develop into this market.

Although seeing opportunities for pangasius export in the near future when seafood consumption demand in many countries is recovering and increasing strongly, pangasius exporters in the Mekong Delta are facing many difficulties due to forced minimizing processing capacity, all efforts of enterprises are focusing on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, crept deeply into factories. Therefore, in order to turn these opportunities into results, enterprises must stabilize production and not struggle to fight the epidemic spreading into the workforce.