Seafood exports anticipated to hit US$9.2 billion in 2022

Pangasius Hypophthalmus

Vietnamese aquatic exports this year are forecast to see an upward trend, reaching 2.1 million tonnes worth US$9.2 billion, marking a rise of 3.9% in volume and 3.5% in value over the previous year.

According to data provided by the General Department of Customs, the fourth quarter of 2021 witnessed the nation’s seafood exports hit 602.1 thousand tonnes valued at US$2.7 billion, up 0.9% in volume and 13.1% in terms of value compared to the same period from 2020.

Throughout the entirety of 2021, seafood exports reached 2.022 million tonnes valued at US$8.89 billion, down 0.2% in volume but up 5.6% in value compared to 2020, marking the highest value ever.

Last year saw the export of most major seafood products, including shrimp, pangasius, tuna, fish cakes, squid, octopus, clams, crabs, and oysters, all have an increased value compared to 2020.

Most notably, the export of pangasius and crab dropped in volume, although the value still saw an annual increase. Tuna, fish cakes, clams, and snails were seafood products with the strongest increase in export value in 2021 in comparison to 2020.

This increase in seafood exports can be attributed to growing global demand for seafood imports and incentives from free trade agreements (FTAs).

Moreover, Vietnamese enterprises have flexibly adjusted production activities amid the complicated COVID-19 pandemic, thereby meeting the increasing demands of various markets.