Shrimp prices in Thailand and India are still the lowest in the world

(Anhra Pradesh, India)

As of the third week of August 2021, shrimp prices in Thailand and the main producing state of India, Andhra Pradesh, are still at the lowest level compared to other major shrimp producing countries in the world.

In USD terms, shrimp prices in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ecuador are still higher than those of Andhra Pradesh and Thailand.

However, while Thai shrimp prices continued to fall, Andhra Pradesh’s shrimp prices rose slightly after hitting their lowest levels since the pandemic began in week 28.

China’s raw shrimp prices remain stable, at the highest level in the world. Price of shrimp size 60 shrimp/kg in Guangdong, China was stable at 6.63 USD/kg in week 31 (August 2-8, 2021) compared to the previous week.

The price of Chinese shrimp is nearly $2/kg higher than that of Ecuadorian shrimp of the same size. Ecuadorian shrimp prices ranked second.

Price of 60 shrimp size in Thailand reached 3.82 USD/kg in week 33 while price of 60 size shrimp in Andhra Pradesh increased 5% to 4.11 USD/kg in week 33.

Shrimp prices of all sizes in Thailand remained at the lowest level since 2018. Shrimp prices reached 3.82 USD/kg for size 60, 3.60 USD/kg for size 70 and 3.22 USD/kg for size 70. with the size of 80 heads/kg in week 33 while the country is facing a sharp increase in the number of Covid cases.


In Guangdong province, China, prices at vannamei shrimp ponds hit their lowest level since 2020 at $6.64/kg for a size of 60 shrimp. $5.52/kg for size 80 and $3.70/kg for size 120/kg.

Farmers are now producing more black tiger shrimp due to better prices and domestic consumption, according to China’s largest seafood industry association.


In 2020, Ecuador’s shrimp prices of all sizes dropped sharply due to the decrease in demand for this country’s shrimp imports from China due to difficulties caused by the Covid epidemic. However, Ecuadorian shrimp prices are currently the second highest in the world after China. Demand for Ecuadorian shrimp imports from the US and EU is stable.

The price at Ecuador’s raw white shrimp lagoon reached 6.40 USD/kg for 20/30 size; 5.55 USD/kg for size 30/40; 5 USD/kg for size 40/50; $4.65/kg for size 50/60; USD 4.35/kg for size 60/70; 3.80 USD/kg for size 70/80; USD 3.30/kg for size 80/100; 3 USD/kg for size 100/120 and 2 USD/kg for size 120/140 during week 33.