Tra fish leads Vietnam’s seafood exports to strong January growth

Vietnam’s aquatic product exports saw a strong start to the year, recording a 60.8% annual increase to reach 730 million USD in January, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Tra fish emerged as the star performer, showcasing a remarkable 97% year-on-year growth, with export revenue hitting 165 million USD.

Communication Director of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) Le Hang anticipated a moderate 10% rise in tra fish exports this year, potentially reaching 2 billion USD, with China and the US being major importers.

To achieve this projected growth, VASEP Secretary General Truong Dinh Hoe emphasised the importance of diversification. He encouraged the Vietnamese firms to explore new markets and develop innovative consumer products beyond just frozen fillets.

While Vietnam faces a slight decline in market share within some major markets, smaller destinations like Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and the UK offer promising growth opportunities, he added.

Pangasius Shrimp HungHau export Vietnam

According to the International Trade Centre (ITC), Vietnam remains the leading supplier of whitefish to Brazil, creating a solid foundation to expand the export of more value-added products in this market.

VASEP also identified Germany as another lucrative market for Vietnamese tra fish. Last year, Germany imported 38 million USD worth of Vietnamese tra fish, representing a 31% rise from the previous year. Notably, frozen fillets dominated these imports, accounting for nearly 37 million USD and up 34% year on year.

Vietnam is now the sixth largest supplier of whitefish to Germany, behind China, Russia, Norway, the US and Poland, indicating room for further expansion if the Vietnamese exporters could deliver clean products that cater to German preferences at competitive prices./.


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