Tuna exports to EU market saw positive growth

According to VASEP, tuna exports to major markets such as the US, Japan, and Canada continued to dive in July, while exports to the EU rose by 28% y-o-y.

VASEP said that tuna exports reached USD 76 million in July, 11% down y-o-y, the lowest slump since Jan 2023. The accumulated value reached USD 458 million in the first seven months, down 28% from the same period last year.

Tuna exports to major markets such as the US, Japan and Canada continued to decline. The 28% increase in July fueled its upward trend of shipping to the EU, leaving the accumulated value in the first seven months of the year of USD 96 million, up 5% y-o-y.

VASEP shared that Italy retained its position as the third biggest importer of Vietnamese tuna among the EU countries. Vietnam’s tuna exports in July to Italy rose by ten times as compared to the same period last year. Likewise, exports to Germany and the Netherlands jumped in July by 43% and 96% respectively.

Pangasius Hypophthalmus

There has not been any sign of recovery in sales of Vietnamese tuna in the US market so far. A 26% decline y-o-y was recorded in July, reaching USD 29 million. Likewise, tuna exports to Japan and Canada continued to fall in this month, down 20% and 38% respectively. These are the lowest levels of these three markets in the period January-July.

(Source: https://vietfishmagazine.com/)

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