Vietnam accelarates seafood exports at the beginning of the year

After the 2023 Lunar New Year, most workers at producing and processing agricultural and aquatic products factories have returned to work.

In Kien Giang and Ca Mau, seafood processing enterprises have signed a series of contracts worth about 70 million USD, most of which  focus on difficult markets such as Japan,  the EU, UK, US.

Mr. Tran Quoc Dung, General Director of KIHUSEA VN  (Chau Thanh District, Kien Giang Province), said that he had just signed a contract to export 2 shipments of steamed squid and cobia to Japan with a total value of $48 million, contract completion time from now to April 2023. According to Mr. Tran Quoc Dung, Japan is a difficult market with very strict regulations. Products must ensure traceability;  raising and fishing conditions in accordance with regulations. Copper fish products (barbonymus, barbonymus gonionotus, carp, etc.) have become very popular. Main supplier of farmed copper fish are Long An, Tien Giang, An Giang and Hau Giang province.

After the Lunar New Year, most seafood processing factories in the Mekong Delta welcomed workers back to work to meet export orders. 3 localities (Ca Mau, Bac Lieu and Soc Trang) all strive to bring seafood export turnover to over 1 billion USD in 2023.

Mr. Huynh Thanh Tan, General Director of Ca Mau Seafood Processing and Services JSC (CASES), said that from January 27 (the 6th day of the Lunar New Year), 5 factories and 3 preliminary processing facilities of CASES have welcomed over 5,000 workers back to work. Mr. Nguyen Van Do, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ca Mau province, said that the province’s export target in 2023 is 1.3 billion USD, mainly focusing on shrimp exports. Commenting on the seafood export market in 2023, Mr. Nguyen Van Do said that there are advantages and disadvantages intertwined. In particular, China fully reopened, creating great advantages for exports to this market. “We are committed to creating all conditions for export activities and encouraging enterprises to export in traditional markets; supporting businesses to negotiate and take advantage of opportunities from signed FTAs to promote exports,” added Mr. Nguyen Van Do.

At this time, shrimp prices in Kien Giang and Ca Mau are stable and remain  at a high level. Specifically, the price of black tiger shrimp 40 pieces/kg is 156,000-160,000 VND/kg; price of Vannamei shrimp 100 pcs/kg is 102,000 VND/kg, 50 pcs/kg is 136,000 VND, 30 pcs/kg priced is 168,000 VND/kg. The current price, especially for vannamei shrimp, is higher than last year, increasing by 20,000 – 30,000 VND/kg compared to the very low price of white shrimp in August and September 2022.

A representative of Trung Son Company (raising and processing shrimp for export using high technology, closed chain in Kien Luong district, Kien Giang) said that steamed shrimp products are currently exported more strongly than frozen shrimp, accounting for about 70%. The main consumption markets are the US, China, and the EU.