Vietnam will have 184 fishing ports in 2050

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is inviting comments from Ministries, sectors and local authorities that have plans up to 2050 about the Draft of the Planning of fishing ports and storm shelters, period 2021-2030, vision to 2050. Accordingly, there will be 185 fishing ports all over the country, covering over 2.9 million tons of seafood in and out per year, and 160 storm shelters.

According to the Draft, the country will have had 176 fishing ports by 2030, with 37 ports type 1, 90 ports type 2 and 49 ports type 3, satisfying the capacity of 2.960 million tons of seafood in and out per year, and 160 storm shelters available for around 90,600 fishing vessels.

During the period 2021-2030, there will be national level projects involving construction of five fishing ports type 1 in major Fisheries Development Center: Bạch Đằng fishing port in Hải Phòng city, Thọ Quang fishing port in Đà Nẵng city, Bá Bạc fishing port in Khánh Hòa city, Gò Găng fishing port in Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu province, and Tắc Cậu fishing port in Kiên Giang province. The country has had 92/125 fishing ports which have been invested into and rehabilitated and 83/146 storm shelters which have been improved so far.

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According to the planning of fishing ports and storm shelters up to 2030, around 1,038 ha of land and 5,079 ha of surface water will be used, and as much as 60,370 billion VND will be financed, mainly from the budget and off-budget sources, enterprises and other legal capital sources. Intentionally, the period 2021-2025 will cost VND 31,650 billion and the period 2026-2030 will cost VND 28,720 billion.