Vietnamese pangasius enter Algeria’s large distribution system

The Vietnam Trade Office in Algeria coordinated with the Carrefour supermarket system in Algeria to organize activities to introduce and promote Vietnamese products such as coffee and pangasius fillets at the Carrefour hypermarket in City Center shopping center in the capital Algiers.

At the event, local consumers had the opportunity to learn information about Vietnamese products, watch videos, and listen to presentations about processing methods, as well as taste coffee and processed pangasius fillets. On this occasion, the Trade Office also displayed catalogs and samples of Vietnamese businesses in these fields.

Algeria is considered a large market for coffee consumption, as this is the most popular beverage, with an average import of 130,000 tons of coffee beans per year and a turnover of over 300 million USD. In Vietnam, Robusta green coffee usually accounts for 25–30% of the market share.

For seafood products, despite having a coastline of more than 1,000 km2 and starting to farm marine fish, Algeria still has to import about 30,000 tons of all kinds of seafood each year, mainly fish fillets, with a turnover of about 100 million USD per year. Vietnam’s frozen pangasius fillets have penetrated Algeria, with prices at stores, markets, and supermarkets ranging from 7.5–13.8 USD/kg (about 180,000–330,000 VND).

After trying Vietnamese products, local customers have good feelings and appreciate the taste and quality of the products. The deal is expected to continue to promote Vietnam’s strong products at some large Algerian supermarket systems, such as Uno, in 2024.


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