Means of transportation, parts, accessories export to $13.7B this year

Vietnam is striving to earn $13.7 billion from its export of means of transportation, auto parts, and accessories this year from last year’s $11.98 billion.

The expectation for the record is based on the continuing growth of the export in the last 12 years with a relatively high yearly rate of 18.4% and the size of the export value in the first months of this year.

In the first five months of this year, the revenue from the export neared $5.5 billion.

From the beginning of this year to June 15, means of transportation, parts, and accessories are among the few items that saw quite high export growth (up 14%) while the total export revenue of Vietnam and 37 out of the 45 products have dropped.

Vietnamese means of transportation, auto parts, and accessories have entered 43 markets all over the world thanks to their low prices, cheap labour, safety, and suitability to different needs.

Of the 43 export markets, there are 12 with export revenues excessing $100 million including Japan, the U.S., the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, Italia, Singapore, Netherlands, China, Brazil, and Mexico.

As many as 28 markets saw positive growth, particularly six posted increases of over $50 million each, namely South Korea (up by $152 million), Japan ($95 million), Indonesia ($82 million), Thailand ($75 million), Brazil ($62 million), and Canada ($58 million).