Surimi and fishmeal products bring high export turnover

Representatives of firms gathered to discuss how to improve the value and quality of surimi and fishmeal products which bring high export turnover

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) today organized a conference on surimi and fishmeal industry and the establishment of the VASEP Surimi and Fish Meal Business Club with the aim of coordinating and combining the activities of its members so that people can help each other improve the value and quality of products.

According to VASEP, surimi (Fish Paste) and fishmeal are groups of typical industries that create the circular economic chain of seafood. This industry group has contributed significantly to the country’s fisheries and livestock economy.

The production and export of finely ground fish meat have been growing strongly because it is considered a popular seafood product thanks to its cost-effectiveness and is used as an important ingredient in a number of dishes, especially in Asian cuisine. In addition, consumers favor surimi because of its high nutritional value and suitable shelf life.

Pangasius Shrimp HungHau export Vietnam

In the past 5 years, each year Vietnam earned US$300 million- US$420 million from exported surimi products, including marine fish surimi and pangasius surimi, accounting for 4 percent-5 percent of Vietnam’s total seafood export turnover. Among hundreds of frozen, processed, fresh, live, dried seafood products, surimi is a segment having enormous potential for further development.

Fishmeal is the primary protein source in aquafeeds, and concurrently it is an important position in the specific animal feed manufacturing industry aquaculture industry and conventionally used as a livestock feed supplement.

In recent years, aquaculture has been increasing in both farming areas and output. Vietnam annually produces about 540,000 tons of fishmeal including fishmeal produced from marine fish and fishmeal produced from pangasius by-products and 200,000-280,000 tons of them are exported.

Furthermore, in the first 10 months of 2023, Vietnam exported $108 million of fishmeal of all kinds and imported about $89 million. It is estimated that this year, Vietnam’s fishmeal export turnover will be $120 million-$130 million and imports will be about $100 million-$110 million. Besides, Vietnam also imports about 140,000 tons per year of fishmeal with high protein content.


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