The price of animal feed rise once again

Starting from April 1, many animal feed companies simultaneously increase the price of their products, citing the sharp increase in the price of inputs.

During the last days of March many feed companies have announced that they would increase selling prices for many animal feed products. The price increases would effective from April 1.

For example, CJ Vina Agri Co. announced that all kinds of concentrated feed as well as feeds for piglets and cows would increase by VND 400/kg. Feeds for sows, pigs, laying hens, ducks, laying ducks, and goats also increased by VND 300/kg.

MNS Feed Joint Stock Company (Proconco and Anco systems) announced to increase in prices of all animal feed products under the Proconco and Anco brands produced by this company: an increase of VND 400/kg with concentrated feed and piglet feed; an increase of VND 300/kg with the remaining product groups.

Japfa Comfeed Vietnam – Southern region increased the price of all products by VND 400/kg.

GreenFeed Vietnam also increased the price of animal feed products for all livestock, poultry and cow under GreenFeed, Hi-Gain, Hitek and FCR brands. The increase ranged from VND 300 – 400/kg. The price increase applied to customers of BU Long An. But along with the announcement of a price increase, GreenFeed also promised to support customers with 50% of the post-increase price from April 1 – 7 and pay the same-time discount in April.

Regarding the reason for the price increase, the companies stated that the raw materials for the production of animal feed had experienced strong fluctuation in recent years, and the uptrend still showed no sign of stopping.

Author: Son Trang

Translated by Samuel Pham