Tiền Giang: Suffer from heavy loss on fish farming, farmers sell cages

Farmers in Tiền Giang are so cleaned out that they can not restock or have to sell cages and shift to another job for making a living.

Due to the skyrocketing price of animal feed and mortality rate upon diseases, farmers related to cage farming in Tiền river of Tiền Giang province have suffered from heavy loss.

At this moment, the price of red tilapia reared in cages stays at nearly 40,000 dong/kg, but due to the high price of feed, farmers earn no profit. The mortality rate upon diseases reaches over 30%, resulting in a serious loss suffered by farmers.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers have faced difficulties in sales of fish reared in cages. Lots of them ran out of money, thus they could not restock for the new crop or had to sell cages and shifted to another job to make a living.

Farmer Trần Thị Linh in Thới Sơn of Mỹ Tho city had six fish cages in Tiền river, but she had to stop the farming due to great loss. “The fish price is low but the feed price increases and lots of fish are dead, forcing farmers to stop stocking”. Once 320,000 dong/bag, the feed price rose to 440,000 dong/bag. Meanwhile, whether due to water resources or other causes, the mortality rate increased, making farmers quit the job and look for other ones. Even though farmers want to stock, they have no money and have to wait for a reduction in feed price and stability in water resources. The fish farming sector may recover then”, said Linh.

(Source: https://vietfishmagazine.com/)