Have you ever heard of Hung Hau’s new product? Let’s taste – Real addicted!

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Are you curious about this new product, right?

It’s the Cheese Sweet Potato Ball, a product made from Purple Sweet Potato with cheese inside, covered with an eye-catching crunchy batter outside.

The product after being fried has the smell of Purple Sweet Potato combined with the greasy taste of cheese along with the crispy crust outside. When enjoying this cheese sweet potato, you will experience 3 shades that are extremely harmonious. The first is the crispy outer layer of the flour that awakens your taste, followed by the aroma and also the softness of the Purple Sweet Potato that melts in the mouth to balance the initial crunch that we just tasted earlier; the last part is the most interesting, the fatty taste of the cheese on our tongues. It will be more fun when we pull the cheese together to feel the delicious taste of this product.

At present, Cheese Sweet Potato Ball has been launched to the market and has been well received by consumers, especially children.

Discovering some main functions of Purple Sweet Potato:

Purple Sweet Potato is a herb and the nutritious food for people.

Nutrition: Purple Sweet Potato is rich in manganese, calcium, vitamins A, B, choline, etc. Purple Sweet Potato also contains many antioxidants which is good for health.

HungHau Agricultural News
Cheese Purple Sweet Potato HungHau Agricultural

The effect of lowering blood pressure:

According to research in the USA led by Joe Vinson, Purple Sweet Potato has the effect of preventing hypertension.

Scientists at Scranton University (USA) said that the effect of Purple Sweet Potato on blood pressure is small but sufficient to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to the New Kerala news agency, this is the first research on the effect of eating Purple Sweet Potato on blood pressure in humans.

Improving liver function: A research found that consumption of a kind of beverage made from Purple Sweet Potato effects an improved liver function in people at risk of hepatitis and decreases levels of liver enzymes or liver disease.

The effects of losing weight: Purple Sweet Potato have been considered a folk remedy for losing weight in olden times. Sweet Potato in general and Purple Sweet Potato in particular is the rich nutrition food including vitamins A, B, C, E, protein, starch, amino acids and many trace elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.  That is the main reason why Purple Sweet Potato have been considered the No. 1 food for people want to lose weight.

One more special thing, the US scientists have discovered that the compounds in Purple Sweet Potato can kill and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

In an attempt to create a product that is both palatable and highly nutritious to consumers as Cheese Sweet Potato Ball is a thorough research process from Hung Hau’s Research and Development Department.